‘This Is Not a Pyramid Strategy’: Man’s Humorous First Date Story Goes Viral

a now-viral post
, men said a Tinder match tried to generate him for a multi-level advertising and marketing (MLM) organization on the first day.

Posting in
‘s “now we F**ked Up” (TIFU) discussion board in login name u/SlimVali, the person typed: “TIFU by taking place a date with a girl from Tinder just who felt much too advisable that you be real and never watching the warning flags.” The post provides garnered over 17,600 upvotes and a huge selection of remarks from Redditors who stated they’ve suffered comparable encounters.

MLMs and Dating Programs

Whilst ends up, numerous MLM recruiters use dating programs to grow their networking sites because “dating and social networking programs tend to be filled with exactly the forms of people [they] want,”
Bustle said

“a traditional MLM pitch should engage you in a discussion, check for susceptible locations, choose areas where you are looking for, places where you are disappointed, also to connect the Multi-level Marketing to resolving that,” author Robert FitzPatrick told Bustle. “that is community. You wish to be more content? This really is everything about being around positive-thinking individuals. What is a dating application but folks searching for connection?”

In a now-viral post, a person mentioned a Tinder match tried to hire him for a multi-level advertising (MLM) company on their first go out.


Per Tinder’s stipulations, utilizing the software to market a company is actually a bannable crime. Thus, some recruiters or small businesses motivate their unique matches to check out them on other social media marketing systems, such
, and talk store there, Bustle reported.

‘Financial Girlboss Vibe’

Inside the post, u/SlimVali mentioned the guy chatted to his time on Tinder and Instagram for a week before going out.

“She ended up being attractive and she felt extremely fun and outgoing but she did have a good investment girlboss ambiance to her,” the guy wrote.

The 2 met up-and based on u/SlimVali, the very first 10 minutes of the date were “great.” However when the guy questioned his time if she’d like some coffee—”most likely [they happened to be] at a coffee shop on a coffee big date,” he said—the lady dropped.

“[My day] tells me to visit acquire one for me if I want…[so] I go and get my coffee and while I come-back, absolutely another woman at the table,” the guy recalled.

The 2nd lady, since it turned-out, was u/SlimVali’s date’s company companion.

“[She] starts inquiring me questions about my personal work, my researches and requires me personally If I would tune in to their own business plan in order for i possibly could earn more money every month,” the guy mentioned. “So she removes a notepad and begins outlining [to] myself their own business model and exactly how a lot money I would generate If I would get a hold of three various other persons that would get a hold of three other people themselves, etc.”

After listening to the pitch, u/SlimVali looked at his time and said: “So this is like a pyramid plan correct? This is not no go out?”

Their Tinder match assured him which they had been on a romantic date but mentioned he “appeared like a cool person to come to be [their] lover,” including that their particular business “[wasn’t] a pyramid program”—it had been a Multi-level Marketing organization.

“I told them I’d to go out of to attend the veterinarian with my dog. They don’t seem pleased that I happened to ben’t enthusiastic about their unique MLM,” he concluded. “we laughed much on the way home that I became weeping.”

Redditors React

Redditors appreciated u/SlimVali’s tale and as earlier mentioned, lots of found it relatable.

“I’m not the only one it has happened to! Thank you so much, net,” u/teucer12 mentioned.

“This happened certainly to me but with Bumble BFF. I became checking for girlfriends,” u/nymaamyn reacted.

u/BWinCan had written: “I heard plenty stories about people that happened to be tricked into times, to listen a MLM speech. Best of luck the next occasion.”

“Something like that happened certainly to me however with a dude. The guy felt therefore interested to know about me personally and my kids, in order to after that pull-out their ‘business,’ and informed me as just one mom, it was outstanding opportunity for me personally. I managed to get so furious and cut him off immediately,” u/SnooAvocados9343 included.

has reached out over u/SlimVali for review.

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